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“I always thought we should care and pay more attention to what humans are doing to our planet. This obsessive desire we have to make money is taking us down in terms of a sustainable life. It is really rare to find teenagers that are involved in a cause that tries to change the way we live nowadays. And it is necessary to put ourselves together to make these changes, our generation is the future.

As we know, the monthly income of a big part of the brazilian population is very low. Most of the times, children have to get in a public school, which does not have a great quality. I wanted to help these children with their difficulties so I joined a group of volunteers that went for about a year to a public school. I had a great time with everyone and I could feel their enthusiasm while learning new things and having a new friend. I will never forget all these children that inspired me to think what I think and do what I do today. We cannot separate sustainability and voluntary work. Those things are connected by a major group known as ethics. If the world had a different kind of concern, we would already be developing in a sustainable way.

I’ve been involved with environments issues since 2010, when I started a blog with my friend. The next year, at school, an ambiental group was created with 9th to 12th graders. The main point was to make our school even more sustainable. We focused in the proposal of changes on the brazilian Forest Code. We went to protests trying to influence on the governments decision. Our fight for our president’s veto was really intense and today we can say that it has not been achieved.

We still fight for the total veto of the proposals for changes, it’s necessary that we keep pushing on them in order to protect our forests. During this year, we are working on a new project called EP+20+5. It will be stated by the students goals for the school that needs to be fulfilled in the next 5 years. One of these goals is to reduce the energy consumption in 30% and the reuse of rain water in toilets. We hope everyone will contribute and make our school even greener. And even more, we hope that other schools, houses, cities in Rio, Brazil and the world take us as an example to change the way they are living now.

I hope that in the end of the Conference people will be more concerned about what is happening and what we can do to revert the situation. The more people that help and care, is the more we can do! I insert myself with the purpose to influence other teenagers to do the same as I do. Caring and fighting for a sustainable life is one of the most important things in my life and it is essential that youth participate on the decisions now because in the future we will suffer the consequences of the decisions made today.”

Mil desculpas por postar o texto somente em inglês, ele foi feito para a conferência e por isso não tenho uma versão em português. Só queria relembrar esse momento mesmo, tenho muitas saudades disso…..



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